Detailed Translations for chirp from English to French


to chirp verb (chirps, chirped, chirping)

  1. to chirp
    faire cri-cri; chanter
    • chanter verb (chante, chantes, chantons, chantez, )
  2. to chirp
    ramager; babiller; gazouiller; chanter joyeusement
    • ramager verb (ramage, ramages, ramageons, ramagez, )
    • babiller verb (babille, babilles, babillons, babillez, )
    • gazouiller verb (gazouille, gazouilles, gazouillons, gazouillez, )
  3. to chirp (squeak; beep; rattle; twitter; tweet)
    • grincer verb (grince, grinces, grinçons, grincez, )
  4. to chirp (quack; gabble; chatter; rattle)
    • jacasser verb (jacasse, jacasses, jacassons, jacassez, )

Conjugations for chirp:

  1. chirp
  2. chirp
  3. chirps
  4. chirp
  5. chirp
  6. chirp
simple past
  1. chirped
  2. chirped
  3. chirped
  4. chirped
  5. chirped
  6. chirped
present perfect
  1. have chirped
  2. have chirped
  3. has chirped
  4. have chirped
  5. have chirped
  6. have chirped
past continuous
  1. was chirping
  2. were chirping
  3. was chirping
  4. were chirping
  5. were chirping
  6. were chirping
  1. shall chirp
  2. will chirp
  3. will chirp
  4. shall chirp
  5. will chirp
  6. will chirp
continuous present
  1. am chirping
  2. are chirping
  3. is chirping
  4. are chirping
  5. are chirping
  6. are chirping
  1. be chirped
  2. be chirped
  3. be chirped
  4. be chirped
  5. be chirped
  6. be chirped
  1. chirp!
  2. let's chirp!
  3. chirped
  4. chirping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

chirp [the ~] noun

  1. the chirp (squeaking; peeping; twitter; chirrup)
    le piaulement

Translation Matrix for chirp:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
piaulement chirp; chirrup; peeping; squeaking; twitter howling; roaring; yelling
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
babiller chirp
chanter chirp recite; sing
chanter joyeusement chirp
faire cri-cri chirp
gazouiller chirp give a sound; jabber; lisp; rustle; sound; speak with a lisp; warble; whisper; whizz; whoosh
grincer beep; chirp; rattle; squeak; tweet; twitter grate; plane; smooth
jacasser chatter; chirp; gabble; quack; rattle babble; blab; chat; chatter; croak; dribble; drivel; drone on; gab; have a chat; have a conversation; jabber; jaw; narrate; prattle; prattle on; quack; rattle; relate; rot; slaver; slobber; speak; talk; talk crap; talk rot; talk rubbish; tell; twaddle; waffle
ramager chirp warble
- cheep; chirrup; peep; tweedle

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Synonyms for "chirp":

Related Definitions for "chirp":

  1. a sharp sound made by small birds or insects1
  2. make high-pitched sounds1
    • the birds were chirping in the bushes1
  3. sing in modulation1

Wiktionary Translations for chirp:

  1. birds
  1. birds
  1. Faire entendre un chant léger et agréable en parlant des petits oiseaux.
  2. émettre de petits cris, comme font les petits oiseaux.
  3. émettre un son moduler et aigu, une stridulation, en frottant certains organes l'un contre l'autre, en parlant de certains insectes tels que la cigale, le grillon, la sauterelle, le criquet

Cross Translation:
chirp zinzinuler zwitschern — eine Reihe aufeinander folgender Töne von sich geben (meist im Zusammenhang mit Vogel)