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  1. clear baggage:


Detailed Translations for clear baggage from English to French

clear baggage:

clear baggage verb

  1. clear baggage (clear; enter)
    dédouaner; déclarer
    • dédouaner verb (dédouane, dédouanes, dédouanons, dédouanez, )
    • déclarer verb (déclare, déclares, déclarons, déclarez, )

Translation Matrix for clear baggage:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
déclarer clear; clear baggage; enter announce; appear as a witness; apply; bear testimony; bear witness; declare; do as if; enrol for; express; feign; give; give evidence; inform; pretend; register; report; report oneself; sham; state; take down; testify; testify to; write down
dédouaner clear; clear baggage; enter arrange customs clearance

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