Detailed Translations for clinging from English to French



to cling verb (clings, clung, clinging)

  1. to cling (stick; paste; adhere; glue; gum)
    attacher; adhérer; coller
    • attacher verb (attache, attaches, attachons, attachez, )
    • adhérer verb (adhère, adhères, adhérons, adhérez, )
    • coller verb (colle, colles, collons, collez, )
  2. to cling (clasp)
    cramponner; se cramponner à
    • cramponner verb (cramponne, cramponnes, cramponnons, cramponnez, )

Conjugations for cling:

  1. cling
  2. cling
  3. clings
  4. cling
  5. cling
  6. cling
simple past
  1. clung
  2. clung
  3. clung
  4. clung
  5. clung
  6. clung
present perfect
  1. have clung
  2. have clung
  3. has clung
  4. have clung
  5. have clung
  6. have clung
past continuous
  1. was clinging
  2. were clinging
  3. was clinging
  4. were clinging
  5. were clinging
  6. were clinging
  1. shall cling
  2. will cling
  3. will cling
  4. shall cling
  5. will cling
  6. will cling
continuous present
  1. am clinging
  2. are clinging
  3. is clinging
  4. are clinging
  5. are clinging
  6. are clinging
  1. be clung
  2. be clung
  3. be clung
  4. be clung
  5. be clung
  6. be clung
  1. cling!
  2. let's cling!
  3. clung
  4. clung
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cling:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
coller glueing together; gluing; sticking; sticking together
- clingstone
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adhérer adhere; cling; glue; gum; paste; stick adhere; attach to; become a member; co-operate; connect; couple; fasten; glue; glue together; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; join; join in; participate; patch; stick; stick to; stick together; take part; with glue
attacher adhere; cling; glue; gum; paste; stick affix; attach; attach to; bind; bind fast; bind round; bind together; bind up; binding; bookbinding; buckle; burn; button; button up; cake on; cant; combine; confirm; connect; couple; crust; fasten; fasten to a rope; fix; glue; glue together; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; join; knot; lace; lash; link; moor; paste in; paste on; paste together; patch; pinion; secure; stick; stick to the pan; stick together; strap; string; suture; tack up; tie; tie on; tie together; tie up; unite
coller adhere; cling; glue; gum; paste; stick adhere; affix; attach; attach to; burn; cake; connect; fasten; glue; glue in; glue together; paste; paste in; paste on; paste together; patch; press; secure; stick; stick in; stick to; stick to the pan; stick together; suture; wedge; with glue
cramponner clasp; cling clamp
se cramponner à clasp; cling catch; clamp; clasp; grab; grasp; grip; seize; take hold of
- adhere; cleave; cohere; hang; stick

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Synonyms for "cling":

Related Definitions for "cling":

  1. fruit (especially peach) whose flesh adheres strongly to the pit1
  2. hold on tightly or tenaciously1
    • The child clung to his mother's apron1
  3. come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation1
    • The dress clings to her body1
  4. to remain emotionally or intellectually attached1
    • He clings to the idea that she might still love him.1

Wiktionary Translations for cling:

  1. hold tightly

Cross Translation:
cling cramponner vastklampen — zich met inspanning ergens aan vasthouden
cling coller kleben — dauernd an etwas haften