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Detailed Translations for co-operation from English to French


co-operation [the ~] noun

  1. the co-operation
    la coopération; la participation; la collaboration; le concours

Translation Matrix for co-operation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
collaboration co-operation alliance; assistance; collaboration; combined action; cooperation; help; support; teamwork
concours co-operation competition; competitions; concourse; concurrence; contest; contests; doing; fighting; game; match; matches; play; set
coopération co-operation collaboration; cooperation; development project; teamwork
participation co-operation association; attendance; board; brought-in capital; co-management; condolence; contribution; equal say; input; joint decision making; membership-fee; part; participation; partnership; piece; portion; quota; say; section; segment; share; shareholding; sympathy; turnout

Wiktionary Translations for co-operation:

Cross Translation:
co-operation coopération Kooperation — Zusammenbringen von Handlungen zweier oder mehrerer Personen (Systeme), sodass die Wirkungen der Handlungen zum Nutzen aller dieser Personen (Systeme) führen

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