Detailed Translations for concur from English to French


Conjugations for concur:

  1. concur
  2. concur
  3. concurs
  4. concur
  5. concur
  6. concur
simple past
  1. concurred
  2. concurred
  3. concurred
  4. concurred
  5. concurred
  6. concurred
present perfect
  1. have concurred
  2. have concurred
  3. has concurred
  4. have concurred
  5. have concurred
  6. have concurred
past continuous
  1. was concurring
  2. were concurring
  3. was concurring
  4. were concurring
  5. were concurring
  6. were concurring
  1. shall concur
  2. will concur
  3. will concur
  4. shall concur
  5. will concur
  6. will concur
continuous present
  1. am concurring
  2. are concurring
  3. is concurring
  4. are concurring
  5. are concurring
  6. are concurring
  1. be concurred
  2. be concurred
  3. be concurred
  4. be concurred
  5. be concurred
  6. be concurred
  1. concur!
  2. let's concur!
  3. concurred
  4. concurring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for concur:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
consentir à agree; concur admit; allow; authorise; authorize; award; comply with; concede; give one's fiat to; grant; permit; submit to; tolerate
donner son accord agree; concur agree to; agree with
donner son consentement agree; concur agree to; agree with
s'accorder agree; concur correspond to; fit; form a harmonious entirety; harmonise; harmonize; match
s'entendre sur agree; concur agree; come to an agreement; correspond to; fit; match
se mettre d'accord agree; concur agree to; agree with
tomber d'accord agree; concur agree on; arrange
être d'accord avec agree; concur agree; agree to; agree with; allow; approve; back up; concede; give in; grant; permit; yield
- agree; coincide; concord; hold

Synonyms for "concur":

Antonyms for "concur":

Related Definitions for "concur":

  1. happen simultaneously1
  2. be in accord; be in agreement1

Wiktionary Translations for concur:

  1. To meet in the same point
  2. To unite or agree
    • concur → être d'accord
  1. Tomber d’accord
  2. Avoir le même avis, la même idée ou opinion.

Cross Translation:
concur cautionner; approuver billigen — (transitiv) etwas befürworten, begrüßen, gutheißen