Detailed Translations for condolence from English to French


condolence [the ~] noun

  1. the condolence (sympathy)
    la condoléances; le compliments de condoléance; la compassion; la sympathie; le regret; la participation

Translation Matrix for condolence:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
compassion condolence; sympathy compassion; compassionnateness; pity; sympathizing; sympathy
compliments de condoléance condolence; sympathy
condoléances condolence; sympathy visit of condolence
participation condolence; sympathy association; attendance; board; brought-in capital; co-management; co-operation; contribution; equal say; input; joint decision making; membership-fee; part; participation; partnership; piece; portion; quota; say; section; segment; share; shareholding; turnout
regret condolence; sympathy contrition; regret; remorse; repentance
sympathie condolence; sympathy compatibleness; congeniality; empathy; kindred spiritness; like-mindedness; sympathy
- commiseration

Related Words for "condolence":

  • condolences

Synonyms for "condolence":

Related Definitions for "condolence":

  1. an expression of sympathy with another's grief1
    • they sent their condolences1

Wiktionary Translations for condolence:

  1. sympathy when someone has died
  2. comfort, support or sympathy
  1. (term, surtout au pluriel) expression signifiant que l’on prend part à la douleur de quelqu’un (notamment pour un deuil).

Cross Translation:
condolence condoléance; condoléances Beileid — (Ausdruck der) Anteilnahme gegenüber den Betroffenen im Fall des Todes eines Angehörigen
condolence condoléances Kondolenz — Bekundung, Bezeigung des Beileids

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