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Detailed Translations for confound from English to French


to confound verb (confounds, confounded, confounding)

  1. to confound (disappoint; embarras; betray)
    décevoir; trahir la confiance; tromper
    • décevoir verb (déçois, déçoit, décevons, décevez, )
    • tromper verb (trompe, trompes, trompons, trompez, )

Conjugations for confound:

  1. confound
  2. confound
  3. confounds
  4. confound
  5. confound
  6. confound
simple past
  1. confounded
  2. confounded
  3. confounded
  4. confounded
  5. confounded
  6. confounded
present perfect
  1. have confounded
  2. have confounded
  3. has confounded
  4. have confounded
  5. have confounded
  6. have confounded
past continuous
  1. was confounding
  2. were confounding
  3. was confounding
  4. were confounding
  5. were confounding
  6. were confounding
  1. shall confound
  2. will confound
  3. will confound
  4. shall confound
  5. will confound
  6. will confound
continuous present
  1. am confounding
  2. are confounding
  3. is confounding
  4. are confounding
  5. are confounding
  6. are confounding
  1. be confounded
  2. be confounded
  3. be confounded
  4. be confounded
  5. be confounded
  6. be confounded
  1. confound!
  2. let's confound!
  3. confounded
  4. confounding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for confound:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
décevoir betray; confound; disappoint; embarras be contrary; belie; break down; break off; cheat; counteract; counterfeit; cross; deceive; diddle; disappoint; disillusion; fail; fail in something; fall short; falsify; forge; frustrate; hoodwink; imitate; let down; swindle; woodwink; work out badly
trahir la confiance betray; confound; disappoint; embarras
tromper betray; confound; disappoint; embarras badger; be unfaithful; cheat; clearly define; commit adultery; con; counterfeit; deceive; define; demarcate; diddle; dodge; falsify; fence; fence in; fence off; fool; forge; gull; hoax; hoodwink; imitate; lie; map out; mark out; outline; spoof; stray; swindle; tease; trace out; trick; vex; woodwink
- bedevil; befuddle; confuse; discombobulate; fox; fuddle; throw

Synonyms for "confound":

Related Definitions for "confound":

  1. mistake one thing for another1
  2. be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly1

Wiktionary Translations for confound:

  1. Réunir, mêler des choses, des personnes
  2. Ne pas faire distinction entre des personnes et des choses différentes
  3. Convaincre en causant de la honte
  4. Mettre en désordre, déconcerter, humilier
  5. Remplir d’un grand étonnement, de stupeur
  6. Par civilité
  7. littéraire|fr déranger l’accord, troubler l’harmonie.