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Detailed Translations for converge from English to French


to converge verb (converges, converged, converging)

  1. to converge (coincide; correspond)
    concourir; concorder; interférer; synchroniser
    • concourir verb (concours, concourt, concourons, concourez, )
    • concorder verb (concorde, concordes, concordons, concordez, )
    • interférer verb (interfère, interfères, interférons, interférez, )
    • synchroniser verb (synchronise, synchronises, synchronisons, synchronisez, )

Conjugations for converge:

  1. converge
  2. converge
  3. converges
  4. converge
  5. converge
  6. converge
simple past
  1. converged
  2. converged
  3. converged
  4. converged
  5. converged
  6. converged
present perfect
  1. have converged
  2. have converged
  3. has converged
  4. have converged
  5. have converged
  6. have converged
past continuous
  1. was converging
  2. were converging
  3. was converging
  4. were converging
  5. were converging
  6. were converging
  1. shall converge
  2. will converge
  3. will converge
  4. shall converge
  5. will converge
  6. will converge
continuous present
  1. am converging
  2. are converging
  3. is converging
  4. are converging
  5. are converging
  6. are converging
  1. be converged
  2. be converged
  3. be converged
  4. be converged
  5. be converged
  6. be converged
  1. converge!
  2. let's converge!
  3. converged
  4. converging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for converge:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
concorder coincide; converge; correspond agree; conform; conform to; correspond to; correspond with; equalise; equalize; fit; follow; fuse; fuze; go together; go with; match; merge
concourir coincide; converge; correspond
interférer coincide; converge; correspond blend; interfere; intervene; mind; mix; step in; stir together
synchroniser coincide; converge; correspond adjust; set; sync; synchronise; synchronize; tune in
- meet

Synonyms for "converge":

Antonyms for "converge":

Related Definitions for "converge":

  1. come together so as to form a single product1
    • Social forces converged to bring the Fascists back to power1
  2. move or draw together at a certain location1
    • The crowd converged on the movie star1
  3. be adjacent or come together1
    • The lines converge at this point1
  4. approach a limit as the number of terms increases without limit1

Wiktionary Translations for converge:

  1. to have a limit
  2. to approach each other
  1. géométrie|fr physique|fr Se diriger vers un seul et même point, parler des lignes droites.

Cross Translation:
converge converger konvergieren — einander näher kommen; zusammenlaufen