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  1. curl of hair:


Detailed Translations for curl of hair from English to French

curl of hair:

curl of hair [the ~] noun

  1. the curl of hair
    le flocon; la boucle; la pellicule; le copeau; la puce; l'écaille; l'éclat; le microprocesseur
  2. the curl of hair (hair lock; hair curl; hair tress)
    la mèche

Translation Matrix for curl of hair:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boucle curl of hair belt-clasp; bend; buckle; coil; continuous loop; curl; curling lock; curve; joint; kink; lock; lock of hair; loop; looping; ringlet; slip knot; spiral; tag; torsion; twist; twisting
copeau curl of hair chip; flake; shaving; sliver; wood chip; wood shaving; wood shavings
flocon curl of hair flake
microprocesseur curl of hair CPU; central processing unit; chip; microprocessor; processor
mèche curl of hair; hair curl; hair lock; hair tress curl; curling lock; drill; fuse; fuze; gas mantle; kernel; lamp wick; lock; lock of hair; pip; pith; wick; wood drill
pellicule curl of hair film; flake; roll of film; scale
puce curl of hair chip; flea; half-pint; hatch; runt; shorty; squirt
écaille curl of hair flake; scale
éclat curl of hair ado; bang; blast; boom; brilliance; bump; commotion; crash; discharge; emotionale outburst; eruption; explosion; falling-out; flash; flicker; flickering; fragment; fuss; gleam; glimmering; glint; glitter; glittering; glow; glow effect; light signal; outburst; outer glow; radiance; shard; shine; smack; song and dance; sparkle; sparkling; splinter; sudden explosion; thud; thump; to-do; twinkling; volcano eruption

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