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degeneration [the ~] noun

  1. the degeneration (corruption; deterioration; degeneracy; decomposition; decay)
  2. the degeneration
  3. the degeneration
  4. the degeneration (deterioration; degeneracy)

Translation Matrix for degeneration:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abrutissement degeneration folly; infatuation; stupidity
altération de sens corruption; decay; decomposition; degeneracy; degeneration; deterioration
caractère dénaturé degeneration
corruption degeneration badness; bribery; corruption; wickedness
décadence degeneration decadence; decline
décomposition degeneration decay; deterioration; process of rotting; putrefaction; rotting
déformation corruption; decay; decomposition; degeneracy; degeneration; deterioration bulge; change of form; defacement; deformity; disfiguredness; distortion; fusion; growing together; intergrowth; malformation; metamorphosis; misshapenness; sag; transformation
dégénération degeneracy; degeneration; deterioration
dégénérescence degeneration badness; decadence; decline; wickedness
détérioration degeneracy; degeneration; deterioration affecting; aggravation; change for the worse; coarsening; damage; damaging; decay; depravation; deterioration; harm; harming; injuring; injury; loss; putrefaction; rotting; worsening
- decadence; decadency; degeneracy; devolution; retrogression

Synonyms for "degeneration":

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Related Definitions for "degeneration":

  1. passing from a more complex to a simpler biological form1
  2. the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power or vitality or essential quality1
  3. the state of being degenerate in mental or moral qualities1

Wiktionary Translations for degeneration:

  1. gradual deterioration, from natural causes, of any class of animals or plants
  2. condition of a tissue or an organ in which its vitality has become diminished

Cross Translation:
degeneration dégénérescence Degeneration — Rückbildung, Entartung
degeneration décadence Dekadenz — Verfall, Entartung, sittlicher und kultureller Niedergang
degeneration dégénération degeneratieontaarding, verval

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