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  1. depend on:


Detailed Translations for depend on from English to French

depend on:

to depend on verb (depends on, depended on, depending on)

  1. to depend on (hang; drape)
    être accroché; incliner; tomber; retomber
    • incliner verb (incline, inclines, inclinons, inclinez, )
    • tomber verb (tombe, tombes, tombons, tombez, )
    • retomber verb (retombe, retombes, retombons, retombez, )

Conjugations for depend on:

  1. depend on
  2. depend on
  3. depends on
  4. depend on
  5. depend on
  6. depend on
simple past
  1. depended on
  2. depended on
  3. depended on
  4. depended on
  5. depended on
  6. depended on
present perfect
  1. have depended on
  2. have depended on
  3. has depended on
  4. have depended on
  5. have depended on
  6. have depended on
past continuous
  1. was depending on
  2. were depending on
  3. was depending on
  4. were depending on
  5. were depending on
  6. were depending on
  1. shall depend on
  2. will depend on
  3. will depend on
  4. shall depend on
  5. will depend on
  6. will depend on
continuous present
  1. am depending on
  2. are depending on
  3. is depending on
  4. are depending on
  5. are depending on
  6. are depending on
  1. be depended on
  2. be depended on
  3. be depended on
  4. be depended on
  5. be depended on
  6. be depended on
  1. depend on!
  2. let's depend on!
  3. depended on
  4. depending on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for depend on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
incliner depend on; drape; hang shear; skew
retomber depend on; drape; hang drop back; fall back; fall behind; give ground; lose ground
tomber depend on; drape; hang be a failure; be overthrown; collapse; come down; crash down; descend; drop; end up somewhere; fall; fall down; fall off; fall over; go down; land; pour in; sink; somersault; take a nosedive; thunder down; trip up; tumble; tumble down
être accroché depend on; drape; hang
- depend upon; devolve on; hinge on; hinge upon; rely on; rely upon; ride; turn on

Synonyms for "depend on":

  • devolve on; depend upon; ride; turn on; hinge on; hinge upon
  • rely on

Related Definitions for "depend on":

  1. be dependent on, as for support or maintenance1
    • elderly parents often depend on their adult children1
  2. put trust in with confidence1
  3. be contingent on1

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