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developments [the ~] noun

  1. the developments
  2. the developments (extensions; expansions)

Translation Matrix for developments:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agrandissement developments; expansions; extensions accretion; addition; blow-up; dilatation; enlargement; expansion; extension; growth; increase; magnification; opening up; rise; widen
développements developments; expansions; extensions progresses
extensions developments; expansions; extensions
élargissements developments; expansions; extensions

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development [the ~] noun

  1. the development (cultivation; evolvement; education)
    le développement; l'éducation; la formation; la cultivation; l'enseignement; l'instruction
  2. the development
    le développement
  3. the development (full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness)
    le développement; la croissance; l'essor; la progression; l'accroissement; le boom; la poussé; l'hausse
  4. the development (growth)
    le développement; l'expansion; la croissance; le déploiement; le processus de croissance; l'accroissement
  5. the development (new housing estate)
    le quartier neuf

Translation Matrix for development:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accroissement development; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness accretion; addition; enlargement; expansion; extension; growth; increase; rise; rising
boom development; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness boom; period of boom
croissance development; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness accretion; addition; arising; boom; covering; cultivation; emerging; expanding; expansion; growing; growth; increase; increase in scale; increasing; overgrowth; period of boom; rise; rising; scale up; swelling
cultivation cultivation; development; education; evolvement breeding; cultivating; growing; plantation; planting; raising
déploiement development; growth deployment; software deployment; virtual machine deployment
développement cultivation; development; education; evolvement; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness alteration; altering; ascent; boom; change; change of form; changing; civilizing; consequence; conversion; cultivating; developing time; effect; increase; increase in scale; period of boom; polishing; progress; progression; refining; reformation; remodelling; scale up; transformation; transposition
enseignement cultivation; development; education; evolvement course; curriculum; education; instruction; lesson; teaching; tuition; upbringing
essor development; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness boom; florescence; golden Age; period of boom
expansion development; growth enlargement; expansion; extension; growth; increase; increase in scale; scale up
formation cultivation; development; education; evolvement college; configuration; doctor's practice; drilling; education; experience; formation; practice; practise; qualification; routine; schooling; skill; study; teaching; training; upbringing
hausse development; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness accretion; addition; boom; expansion; growth; increase; period of boom; pickup; recovery; revival; rise
instruction cultivation; development; education; evolvement action statement; assignment; briefing; college; command; commission; cue; drilling; education; guidebook; guideline; handbook; instruction; instruction book; lesson; mandate; manual; motto; order; orders; parole; preliminary inquiry; preliminary investigation; qualification; schooling; shibboleth; statement; teaching; training; tuition; upbringing
poussé development; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness covering; cultivation; overgrowth; upstroke
processus de croissance development; growth
progression development; full growth; growth; maturity; ripeness ascent; boom; increase; increase in scale; progress; progression; rise; scale up; uplift; upturn
quartier neuf development; new housing estate
éducation cultivation; development; education; evolvement civilizing; college; cultivating; drilling; education; item; pedagogy; polishing; principal theme; qualification; refining; schooling; subject; subject matter; teaching; theme; topic; training; upbringing
- developing; evolution; exploitation; growing; growth; maturation; ontogenesis; ontogeny
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
instruction instruction
- new housing estate
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
poussé accelerated; pushed

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Related Definitions for "development":

  1. act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining1
    • he congratulated them on their development of a plan to meet the emergency1
    • they funded research and development1
  2. the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful1
    • the development of Alaskan resources1
  3. (music) the section of a composition or movement (especially in sonata form) where the major musical themes are developed and elaborated1
  4. a recent event that has some relevance for the present situation1
    • recent developments in Iraq1
    • what a revolting development!1
  5. a district that has been developed to serve some purpose1
    • such land is practical for small park developments1
  6. processing a photosensitive material in order to make an image visible1
    • the development and printing of his pictures took only two hours1
  7. a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage)1
    • the development of his ideas took many years1
    • the slow development of her skill as a writer1
  8. (biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically; a purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level1
    • he proposed an indicator of osseous development in children1
  9. a state in which things are improving; the result of developing (as in the early part of a game of chess)1
    • after he saw the latest development he changed his mind and became a supporter1
    • in chess your should take care of your development before moving your queen1

Wiktionary Translations for development:

  1. process of developing
Cross Translation:
development kehitys ontwikkeling — geleidelijke verandering in een zekere richting
development développement Entwicklung — Veränderung in einem zeitlichen Prozess