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Detailed Translations for digression from English to French


digression [the ~] noun

  1. the digression
    la digression
  2. the digression (straying; aberration; wandering)
    l'aberration; l'égarement; la digression; l'écart
  3. the digression (diversion; deviation; deflection; deflexion; divagation)
    – a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern) 1

Translation Matrix for digression:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aberration aberration; deflection; deflexion; deviation; digression; divagation; diversion; straying; wandering deflection; warp
digression aberration; digression; straying; wandering
écart aberration; digression; straying; wandering span; variance; width
égarement aberration; digression; straying; wandering astonishment; bewilderment; blunder; confusion; disorder; error; failing; fault; flaw; folly; gas; hoot; howler; incorrectness; infatuation; mistake; oversight; perplexedness; perplexity; puzzlement; scream; slip; standing agape; stay speechless; stupidity
- aside; divagation; excursion; excursus; parenthesis
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- deviation

Related Words for "digression":

  • digressions

Synonyms for "digression":

Related Definitions for "digression":

  1. wandering from the main path of a journey1
  2. a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern)1
    • a digression into irrelevant details1
  3. a message that departs from the main subject1

Wiktionary Translations for digression:

  1. departure from the subject
  1. Ce qui dans un exposé, dans une conversation, un discours ou un développement s’écarter du sujet principal.

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