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Detailed Translations for disability from English to French


disability [the ~] noun

  1. the disability (handicap; impediment)
    la manque; le défaut; l'handicap; l'anomalie; l'imperfection; l'infirmité
  2. the disability (handicap; physical defect)
    l'handicap; l'infirmité; le manque
  3. the disability (disablement)
    l'incapacité; l'invalidité
  4. the disability (disablement)

Translation Matrix for disability:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anomalie disability; handicap; impediment cheating; corruption; corruptions; defalcation; disorderliness; embezzlement; fencing; fraud; irregularity; malversation; malversations; swindle; swindling
défaut disability; handicap; impediment absence; blank; blunder; defect; deficiency; deficit; error; failing; failure; fault; feebleness; flaw; gap; gas; hiatus; hoot; howler; immorality; imperfection; incorrectness; insufficiency; lack; lacuna; machine defect; mistake; oversight; scream; shortage; shortcoming; shortfall; sin; slip; vice; void; want; weakness
handicap disability; handicap; impediment; physical defect
imperfection disability; handicap; impediment defect; deficiency; error; fault; faultiness; flaw; imperfection; inadequacy; incorrectness; minor flaw; poorness; shortcoming
inaptitude au travail disability; disablement
incapacité disability; disablement impotence; incapability; incapacity; incompetence; infancy; minority; powerlessness; tutelage
incapacité de travail disability; disablement disablement; inability to work; incapacity for work
infirmité disability; handicap; impediment; physical defect crippledness; deficiency; faultiness; imperfection; inadequacy; lameness; poorness
invalidité disability; disablement deficiency; faultiness; imperfection; inadequacy; poorness
manque disability; handicap; impediment; physical defect blank; deficiency; deficit; failure; famine; flaw; gap; hiatus; insufficiency; lack; lacuna; needyness; paucity; scantiness; scarcity; shortage; shortcoming; shortfall; tightness; void; want
- disablement; handicap; impairment

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Related Definitions for "disability":

  1. the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness1
    • reading disability1

Wiktionary Translations for disability:

  1. legal incapacity or incompetency
  2. Regular payments received by adisabled person
    • disability → pension d'invalidité
  3. absence of physical, intellectual, or moral fitness
  1. affection congénitale ou accidentelle qui gêne ou empêcher le fonctionnement de telle ou telle partie de l’organisme.
  2. Impossibilité de se servir de membre, insuffisance fonctionnelle d’organe
  3. Incapacité de travail

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