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  1. drive back:


Detailed Translations for drive back from English to French

drive back:

to drive back verb (drives back, drove back, driving back)

  1. to drive back (ride back)
    revenir; retourner
    • revenir verb (reviens, revient, revenons, revenez, )
    • retourner verb (retourne, retournes, retournons, retournez, )

Conjugations for drive back:

  1. drive back
  2. drive back
  3. drives back
  4. drive back
  5. drive back
  6. drive back
simple past
  1. drove back
  2. drove back
  3. drove back
  4. drove back
  5. drove back
  6. drove back
present perfect
  1. have driven back
  2. have driven back
  3. has driven back
  4. have driven back
  5. have driven back
  6. have driven back
past continuous
  1. was driving back
  2. were driving back
  3. was driving back
  4. were driving back
  5. were driving back
  6. were driving back
  1. shall drive back
  2. will drive back
  3. will drive back
  4. shall drive back
  5. will drive back
  6. will drive back
continuous present
  1. am driving back
  2. are driving back
  3. is driving back
  4. are driving back
  5. are driving back
  6. are driving back
  1. be driven back
  2. be driven back
  3. be driven back
  4. be driven back
  5. be driven back
  6. be driven back
  1. drive back!
  2. let's drive back!
  3. driven back
  4. driving back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for drive back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
retourner drive back; ride back apply; backpedal; backtrack; bring back; come back; divert; flip; go back; overturn; pay back; reform; refund; remodel; reorganise; reorganize; reshape; return; reverse; revolve; roll; rotate; send back; shift; swing around; throw back; turn; turn around; turn over; twist; whirl
revenir drive back; ride back accrue to; backpedal; backtrack; be deserving of; come back; deserve; fall to; flow back; go back; haunt; return; turn around
- fight off; rebuff; repel; repulse

Synonyms for "drive back":

Related Definitions for "drive back":

  1. force or drive back1

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