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Detailed Translations for flame from English to French


to flame verb (flames, flamed, flaming)

  1. to flame (blaze)
    osciller; flamber; jeter des flambes; vaciller; trembloter
    • osciller verb (oscille, oscilles, oscillons, oscillez, )
    • flamber verb (flambe, flambes, flambons, flambez, )
    • vaciller verb (vacille, vacilles, vacillons, vacillez, )
    • trembloter verb (tremblote, tremblotes, tremblotons, tremblotez, )
  2. to flame (blaze)
    brûler; s'embraser
    • brûler verb (brûle, brûles, brûlons, brûlez, )
    • s'embraser verb

Conjugations for flame:

  1. flame
  2. flame
  3. flames
  4. flame
  5. flame
  6. flame
simple past
  1. flamed
  2. flamed
  3. flamed
  4. flamed
  5. flamed
  6. flamed
present perfect
  1. have flamed
  2. have flamed
  3. has flamed
  4. have flamed
  5. have flamed
  6. have flamed
past continuous
  1. was flaming
  2. were flaming
  3. was flaming
  4. were flaming
  5. were flaming
  6. were flaming
  1. shall flame
  2. will flame
  3. will flame
  4. shall flame
  5. will flame
  6. will flame
continuous present
  1. am flaming
  2. are flaming
  3. is flaming
  4. are flaming
  5. are flaming
  6. are flaming
  1. be flamed
  2. be flamed
  3. be flamed
  4. be flamed
  5. be flamed
  6. be flamed
  1. flame!
  2. let's flame!
  3. flamed
  4. flaming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for flame:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brûler burning down
- fire; flaming
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brûler blaze; flame brand; burn; burn out; burn up; consume; cremate; finish; ignite; incinerate; inflame; kindle; light; mark; parch; put on; scald; scorch; singe; stigmatise; stigmatize; use up
flamber blaze; flame blaze up; burn; burn up; consume; finish; flare up; ignite; inflame; kindle; light; light up; make burning; parch; put on; scald; scorch; send up in flames; serve flambé; set alight; set fire to; shine up; singe; strike; use up
jeter des flambes blaze; flame
osciller blaze; flame craddle; cradle; dangle; falter; fluctuate; heave; lever; lull; oscillate; rock; roll; stagger; sway; swing; swing to and fro; vary; whirl; wobble; wrench
s'embraser blaze; flame
trembloter blaze; flame quake; quaver; quiver; shake; shiver; shudder; tremble; vibrate
vaciller blaze; flame craddle; dangle; falter; fluctuate; heave; lull; oscillate; rock; roll; stagger; sway; swing; swing to and fro; vary; whirl; wobble
- flare

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Related Definitions for "flame":

  1. the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke1
  2. criticize harshly, usually via an electronic medium1
    • the person who posted an inflammatory message got flamed1
  3. be in flames or aflame1
    • The sky seemed to flame in the Hawaiian sunset1
  4. shine with a sudden light1

Wiktionary Translations for flame:

  1. criticism
  2. visible part of fire
  1. Source de chaleur en cuisine.
  2. Matière qui brule
  3. Internet|fr message agressif ou malveillant adressé à un ou plusieurs internautes sur un réseau.
  4. dispute, querelle de plume.
  1. passer sur le feu
  2. détruire par le feu un édifice, une maison, une forêt, etc.

Cross Translation:
flame flamme vlam — kleinste vorm van vuur
flame flamme Flamme — Eine helle, gelb-rote oder bläuliche Lichterscheinung, die bei Verbrennungsvorgängen entsteht.

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