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Detailed Translations for flounder from English to French


flounder [the ~] noun

  1. the flounder (plaice)
    le carrelet; la plie

to flounder verb (flounders, floundered, floundering)

  1. to flounder
    trémousser; remuer
    • remuer verb (remue, remues, remuons, remuez, )
  2. to flounder
    • bredouiller verb (bredouille, bredouilles, bredouillons, bredouillez, )

Conjugations for flounder:

  1. flounder
  2. flounder
  3. flounders
  4. flounder
  5. flounder
  6. flounder
simple past
  1. floundered
  2. floundered
  3. floundered
  4. floundered
  5. floundered
  6. floundered
present perfect
  1. have floundered
  2. have floundered
  3. has floundered
  4. have floundered
  5. have floundered
  6. have floundered
past continuous
  1. was floundering
  2. were floundering
  3. was floundering
  4. were floundering
  5. were floundering
  6. were floundering
  1. shall flounder
  2. will flounder
  3. will flounder
  4. shall flounder
  5. will flounder
  6. will flounder
continuous present
  1. am floundering
  2. are floundering
  3. is floundering
  4. are floundering
  5. are floundering
  6. are floundering
  1. be floundered
  2. be floundered
  3. be floundered
  4. be floundered
  5. be floundered
  6. be floundered
  1. flounder!
  2. let's flounder!
  3. floundered
  4. floundering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for flounder:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
carrelet flounder; plaice
plie flounder; plaice
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bredouiller flounder babble; blab; chat; chatter; dribble; drone on; falter; gab; jabber; murmling one's displeasure; prattle; prattle on; slaver; slobber; stammer; stutter; talk crap; talk rubbish; waffle
remuer flounder affect; agitate; budge; churn; concern; get going; hit; mix; move; move up and down; put in motion; set in motion; shake up; stir; strike; touch
trémousser flounder
- stagger

Related Words for "flounder":

Synonyms for "flounder":

Related Definitions for "flounder":

  1. any of various European and non-European marine flatfish1
  2. flesh of any of various American and European flatfish1
  3. walk with great difficulty1
  4. behave awkwardly; have difficulties1
    • She is floundering in college1

Wiktionary Translations for flounder:

  1. any flatfish
  1. zoologie|nocat Une des espèces de poissons osseux surtout marins, certains poisson plat voisins de la plie et de la limande.
  2. Une de certaines espèces de poissons osseux marins, poisson plat au corps ovale, comestibles.

Cross Translation:
flounder flet Buttallenfalls Plural 1: norddeutscher Name der Flunder (Platichthys flesus)
flounder flet FlunderZoologie: ein Plattfisch (Platichthys flesus)