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Detailed Translations for fusillade from English to French


fusillade verb

  1. fusillade (shoot; fire; fire a shot)
    décharger; tirer; ouvrir le feu; faire du tir
    • décharger verb (décharge, décharges, déchargons, déchargez, )
    • tirer verb (tire, tires, tirons, tirez, )

fusillade [the ~] noun

  1. the fusillade (rifle-fire; gunfire)
    la fusillade

Translation Matrix for fusillade:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fusillade fusillade; gunfire; rifle-fire gun battle; shoot-out; shooting incident
- burst; salvo; volley
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
décharger fire; fire a shot; fusillade; shoot air; be discharged; bring down; cast out; clear; commit murder; discard; discharge; disgorge; dismiss; drain; drop; dump out; effuse; empty; empty out; expel; fire; fire at; flash; found innocent; give vent to; kill; lay off; let off steam; lighten; murder; offload; pour out; put to the sword; release; remove; sack; shoot; take down; throw out; thunder; unload; vent; work off
faire du tir fire; fire a shot; fusillade; shoot bring down; put to the sword; take down
ouvrir le feu fire; fire a shot; fusillade; shoot
tirer fire; fire a shot; fusillade; shoot bring down; drag; drag along; draw; draw open; erect; haul; impress; lug; press; pull; pull oneself up; pull to; pull up; put to the sword; raise; shoot down; subtract; take down; take of the body

Related Words for "fusillade":

  • fusillades

Synonyms for "fusillade":

Related Definitions for "fusillade":

  1. rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms1
    • our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise1
  2. attack with fusillade1

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