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Detailed Translations for gamble away from English to French

gamble away:

to gamble away verb (gambles away, gambled away, gambling away)

  1. to gamble away (throw away; lose; bet away)
    perdre; perdre au jeu
    • perdre verb (perds, perd, perdons, perdez, )

Conjugations for gamble away:

  1. gamble away
  2. gamble away
  3. gambles away
  4. gamble away
  5. gamble away
  6. gamble away
simple past
  1. gambled away
  2. gambled away
  3. gambled away
  4. gambled away
  5. gambled away
  6. gambled away
present perfect
  1. have gambled away
  2. have gambled away
  3. has gambled away
  4. have gambled away
  5. have gambled away
  6. have gambled away
past continuous
  1. was gambling away
  2. were gambling away
  3. was gambling away
  4. were gambling away
  5. were gambling away
  6. were gambling away
  1. shall gamble away
  2. will gamble away
  3. will gamble away
  4. shall gamble away
  5. will gamble away
  6. will gamble away
continuous present
  1. am gambling away
  2. are gambling away
  3. is gambling away
  4. are gambling away
  5. are gambling away
  6. are gambling away
  1. be gambled away
  2. be gambled away
  3. be gambled away
  4. be gambled away
  5. be gambled away
  6. be gambled away
  1. gamble away!
  2. let's gamble away!
  3. gambled away
  4. gambling away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for gamble away:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
perdre bet away; gamble away; lose; throw away be lost; be missed; be missing; bet; bet on; fall through; forfeit; get away from; get lost; get the worst of; lose; make a slip; miss; slip; sneak; steal; taste defeat; wager; wander from
perdre au jeu bet away; gamble away; lose; throw away

Wiktionary Translations for gamble away:

Cross Translation:
gamble away flamber verzockenumgangssprachlich: in zockender Weise verlieren

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