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Detailed Translations for gentleness from English to French


gentleness [the ~] noun

  1. the gentleness (tenderness; daintiness; lovingness; warm heartedness)
    la passion; la tendresse; la douceur
  2. the gentleness (kind-heartedness; kindness)
    la douceur; la bénignité

Translation Matrix for gentleness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bénignité gentleness; kind-heartedness; kindness benign character; goodness; kind-heartedness; mildness
douceur daintiness; gentleness; kind-heartedness; kindness; lovingness; tenderness; warm heartedness amiability; clemency; consideration; forbearance; indulgence; kindness; leniency; mercy; softness; sweetness; weakness
passion daintiness; gentleness; lovingness; tenderness; warm heartedness ambition; amorousness; amusement; ardor; ardour; assiduousness; being in love; craving; craze; dedication; desire; devotion; diligence; effusiveness; enthusiasm; exuberance; fascination; fervor; fervour; fierceness; fieriness; fire; frenzy; fun; heartiness; inspiration; intensity; interest; longing; lust; obsession; passion; pleasure; rankness; rapture; ravishment; sexual desire; urge; vehemence; verve; violence; wish; yearning; zeal; zest
tendresse daintiness; gentleness; lovingness; tenderness; warm heartedness affection; ardor; ardour; benign character; chumminess; companionableness; cosiness; coziness; fervor; fervour; goodness; intimacy; kind-heartedness; love; mildness; snugness; warm heartedness
- gradualness; mildness; softness

Related Words for "gentleness":

Synonyms for "gentleness":

Antonyms for "gentleness":

  • abruptness

Related Definitions for "gentleness":

  1. acting in a manner that is gentle and mild and even-tempered1
    • his fingers have learned gentleness1
  2. the property possessed by a slope that is very gradual1

Wiktionary Translations for gentleness:

Cross Translation:
gentleness aménité; amabilité; gentillesse Freundlichkeit — Liebenswürdigkeit, wohlwollende Geneigtheit
gentleness douceur; bonté; égalité Sanftmut — ausgeglichene, ruhige, geduldige und wohlwollende Gesinnung, die einen Menschen selbst bei Kränkungen nicht in Zorn geraten lässt, sondern ein besonnenes Verhalten hervorbringt, das die Mitmenschen positiv beeinflusst


gentle adj

  1. gentle

Translation Matrix for gentle:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tendre give; give to; hand; hand over; pass; stretch; tighten
- appease; assuage; conciliate; ennoble; entitle; gruntle; lenify; mollify; pacify; placate
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- aristocratic; aristocratical; blue; blue-blooded; docile; easy; patrician; soft
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- meek; soft
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bénin gentle forgiving
clément gentle charitabel; charitable; clement; forgiving; gracious; humane; humanitarian; lenient; merciful
doux gentle beloved; cute; dear; easy-going; enjoyable; forgiving; indolent; nice; salutary; soft; sweet; sympathetic
tendre gentle affectionate; deep; delicate; easily hurt; fond; forgiving; fragile; frail; intense; lightly built; loving; oversensitive; petite; profound; sensitive; sentimental; slender; slight; small-boned; soft; subtle; susceptible; tender; tender hearted; thin; warm

Related Words for "gentle":

Synonyms for "gentle":

Related Definitions for "gentle":

  1. marked by moderate steepness1
    • a gentle slope1
  2. having little impact1
    • gentle rain1
    • a gentle breeze1
  3. having or showing a kindly or tender nature1
    • the gentle touch of her hand1
    • her gentle manner was comforting1
    • a gentle sensitive nature1
    • gentle blue eyes1
  4. quiet and soothing1
    • a gentle voice1
    • a gentle nocturne1
  5. soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe1
    • a gentle reprimand1
    • a vein of gentle irony1
    • poked gentle fun at him1
  6. belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy1
    • of gentle blood1
  7. easily handled or managed1
    • a gentle old horse, docile and obedient1
  8. stroke soothingly1
  9. cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of1
  10. give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility1

Wiktionary Translations for gentle:

  1. Soft and mild rather than hard or severe
  1. Agréable à entendre.
  2. Apportant du réconfort.
  3. Qui n’a rien de fatigant.
  4. Qui est d’une très grande finesse, très délié.
  5. (Ironique) Ceux que l’on veut traiter d’impertinents et de ridicules
  6. À trier …

Cross Translation:
gentle précaution sacht — sehr schwach, deshalb kaum zu merken; leicht, sanft, zart
gentle doux; douce sanft — sehr ruhig; ohne Kraftaufwand; zart