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  1. get even:


Detailed Translations for get even from English to French

get even:

get even verb

  1. get even (settle; level; pay)
    porter en compte; régler; solder
    • régler verb (règle, règles, réglons, réglez, )
    • solder verb (solde, soldes, soldons, soldez, )

Translation Matrix for get even:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
porter en compte get even; level; pay; settle
régler get even; level; pay; settle adjust; clear up; discuss; finish; fix; handle; have ended; have finished; make even; mend; patch up a quarrel; pay; pay for; pay off; pay on account; pay up; reconcile; redeem; repair; restore; settle; synchronise; synchronize; talk out; tune; tune in
solder get even; level; pay; settle clean; clear; clear away; lower; make even; mark down; pay; pay on account; pay up; put away; reduce; sell off; sell out; settle; tidy up
- equalise; equalize; get back

Synonyms for "get even":

Related Definitions for "get even":

  1. compensate; make the score equal1
  2. take revenge or even out a score1
    • I cannot accept the defeat--I want to get even1

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