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  1. glance through:


Detailed Translations for glance through from English to French

glance through:

glance through verb

  1. glance through
    parcourir; feuilleter
    • parcourir verb (parcours, parcourt, parcourons, parcourez, )
    • feuilleter verb (feuillette, feuillettes, feuilletons, feuilletez, )

Translation Matrix for glance through:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
feuilleter glance through crust; flip through the pages; leaf through the pages; overturn; page over; turn; turn over the leaves; turn over the pages
parcourir glance through browse; browse for; control; cover; do; examine; fly on; fly through; go; hike; inspect; look into; pass through; survey; travel; travel about; travel through; traverse; turn over the leaves; view

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