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Detailed Translations for go ahead from English to French

go ahead:

to go ahead verb (goes ahead, went ahead, going ahead)

  1. to go ahead (advance; promote)
    promouvoir; favoriser
    • promouvoir verb (promeus, promeut, promouvons, promouvez, )
    • favoriser verb (favorise, favorises, favorisons, favorisez, )

Conjugations for go ahead:

  1. go ahead
  2. go ahead
  3. goes ahead
  4. go ahead
  5. go ahead
  6. go ahead
simple past
  1. went ahead
  2. went ahead
  3. went ahead
  4. went ahead
  5. went ahead
  6. went ahead
present perfect
  1. have gone ahead
  2. have gone ahead
  3. has gone ahead
  4. have gone ahead
  5. have gone ahead
  6. have gone ahead
past continuous
  1. was going ahead
  2. were going ahead
  3. was going ahead
  4. were going ahead
  5. were going ahead
  6. were going ahead
  1. shall go ahead
  2. will go ahead
  3. will go ahead
  4. shall go ahead
  5. will go ahead
  6. will go ahead
continuous present
  1. am going ahead
  2. are going ahead
  3. is going ahead
  4. are going ahead
  5. are going ahead
  6. are going ahead
  1. be gone ahead
  2. be gone ahead
  3. be gone ahead
  4. be gone ahead
  5. be gone ahead
  6. be gone ahead
  1. go ahead!
  2. let's go ahead!
  3. gone ahead
  4. going ahead
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go ahead:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
favoriser advance; go ahead; promote advance; cheer on; donate; encourage; favor; favour; fire; give; give preference; help; incite; inspire; promote; push; strike into
promouvoir advance; go ahead; promote advance; ascend; cheer on; climb; encourage; fire; help; incite; inspire; promote; push; rise; strike into; to get promoted
- plow ahead
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
promouvoir promote

Synonyms for "go ahead":

Related Definitions for "go ahead":

  1. proceed (with a plan of action)1

Wiktionary Translations for go ahead:

go ahead
  1. proceed

Cross Translation:
go ahead amener; emporter fortfahren — jemanden oder etwas von einem Ort mit einem Fahrzeug wegbringen
go ahead partir fortfahren — einen Ort mit einem Fahrzeug verlassen

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