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Detailed Translations for grow grey from English to French

grow grey:

to grow grey verb (grows grey, grew grey, growing grey)

  1. to grow grey (be ageing)
    blanchir; devenir gris
    • blanchir verb (blanchis, blanchit, blanchissons, blanchissez, )

Conjugations for grow grey:

  1. grow grey
  2. grow grey
  3. grows grey
  4. grow grey
  5. grow grey
  6. grow grey
simple past
  1. grew grey
  2. grew grey
  3. grew grey
  4. grew grey
  5. grew grey
  6. grew grey
present perfect
  1. have grown grey
  2. have grown grey
  3. has grown grey
  4. have grown grey
  5. have grown grey
  6. have grown grey
past continuous
  1. was growing grey
  2. were growing grey
  3. was growing grey
  4. were growing grey
  5. were growing grey
  6. were growing grey
  1. shall grow grey
  2. will grow grey
  3. will grow grey
  4. shall grow grey
  5. will grow grey
  6. will grow grey
continuous present
  1. am growing grey
  2. are growing grey
  3. is growing grey
  4. are growing grey
  5. are growing grey
  6. are growing grey
  1. be grown grey
  2. be grown grey
  3. be grown grey
  4. be grown grey
  5. be grown grey
  6. be grown grey
  1. grow grey!
  2. let's grow grey!
  3. grown grey
  4. growing grey
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for grow grey:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blanchir be ageing; grow grey clean; clear; flush away; found innocent; launder; purify; rinse out; turn pale; wash; whitewash
devenir gris be ageing; grow grey

Wiktionary Translations for grow grey:

Cross Translation:
grow grey grisonner vergrijzen — grijs worden

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