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Detailed Translations for gusto from English to French


gusto [the ~] noun

  1. the gusto (efficacy; vigour; momentum; zest; vigor)
    l'allant; le dynamisme
  2. the gusto (strongness; vigour; zest; vigor)
    le dynamisme; l'énergie; la vigueur; la force

Translation Matrix for gusto:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
allant efficacy; gusto; momentum; vigor; vigour; zest
dynamisme efficacy; gusto; momentum; strongness; vigor; vigour; zest drive; energy; gin; impetus; jenever; lively; momentum; soul; spirit; spunk; strength; thoroughness
force gusto; strongness; vigor; vigour; zest authority; boost; capacity; compulsion; courage; drive; energy; fervor; fervour; fiber; fibre; fierceness; force; fortitude; gin; impetus; impulse; incentive; influence; intensity; jenever; momentum; power; pressure; robustness; soul; spirit; spunk; spur; stimulus; strength; sturdiness; thoroughness; vehemence; vigor; vigour; violence
vigueur gusto; strongness; vigor; vigour; zest being awake; bodily strength; bravery; courage; daring; decisiveness; gallantry; intensity; legitimacy; lively; power; strength; sturdiness; toughness; validity; valor; valour; vigor; vigour; youth; youthfulness
énergie gusto; strongness; vigor; vigour; zest braveness; capacity for work; courage; current; decisiveness; drive; electric current; energy; fascination; fervor; fervour; gin; impetus; intensity; interest; jenever; lively; manliness; momentum; power; productivity; resilience; soul; spirit; spunk; stamina; strength; thoroughness; vigor; vigour; work force
- relish; zest; zestfulness

Synonyms for "gusto":

Related Definitions for "gusto":

  1. vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment1

Wiktionary Translations for gusto:

  1. Force ; plénitude ; énergie ; fougue.