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  1. hit over:


Detailed Translations for hit over from English to French

hit over:

hit over verb

  1. hit over (knock down; upend)
    chavirer; basculer; renverser; bousculer; bouleverser
    • chavirer verb (chavire, chavires, chavirons, chavirez, )
    • basculer verb (bascule, bascules, basculons, basculez, )
    • renverser verb (renverse, renverses, renversons, renversez, )
    • bousculer verb (bouscule, bouscules, bousculons, bousculez, )
    • bouleverser verb (bouleverse, bouleverses, bouleversons, bouleversez, )

Translation Matrix for hit over:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
basculer hit over; knock down; upend be a failure; be overthrown; capsize; drop; fall; fall down; fall over; flip; knock down; overturn; somersault; strike down; switch; take a nosedive; trip up; tumble; turn over
bouleverser hit over; knock down; upend
bousculer hit over; knock down; upend grabble; knock over; push; push away; push off; push over; rummage; run down; scramble; shove away; upset
chavirer hit over; knock down; upend capsize; flip; overturn; shift; turn; turn over
renverser hit over; knock down; upend alter; be a failure; be overthrown; bend; blow down; bowl over; bring down; change; drive over; fall; go back; jump down; knock over; modify; overthrow; overturn; pull down; push over; recast; reform; refound; reshape; return; rewrite; run over; somersault; take a nosedive; throw over; tip over; topple; topple over; tumble; turn around; upset

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