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  1. injure oneself:


Detailed Translations for injure oneself from English to French

injure oneself:

injure oneself verb

  1. injure oneself (wound oneself; hurt oneself)
    blesser; faire mal à
    • blesser verb (blesse, blesses, blessons, blessez, )

Translation Matrix for injure oneself:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blesser hurt oneself; injure oneself; wound oneself ache; aggrieve; attack; beat up; bruise; cause damage; contuse; damage; defamate; do harm; erode; harm; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; injure; insult; knock about; maul; offend; slander; spoil; torment; torture; wound
faire mal à hurt oneself; injure oneself; wound oneself attack; damage; erode; spoil

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