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Detailed Translations for insinuate from English to French


to insinuate verb (insinuates, insinuated, insinuating)

  1. to insinuate (incriminate; accuse; charge)
    soupçonner; accuser; suspecter; charger; imputer; inculper; incriminer
    • soupçonner verb (soupçonne, soupçonnes, soupçonnons, soupçonnez, )
    • accuser verb (accuse, accuses, accusons, accusez, )
    • suspecter verb (suspecte, suspectes, suspectons, suspectez, )
    • charger verb (charge, charges, chargeons, chargez, )
    • imputer verb (impute, imputes, imputons, imputez, )
    • inculper verb (inculpe, inculpes, inculpons, inculpez, )
    • incriminer verb (incrimine, incrimines, incriminons, incriminez, )

Conjugations for insinuate:

  1. insinuate
  2. insinuate
  3. insinuates
  4. insinuate
  5. insinuate
  6. insinuate
simple past
  1. insinuated
  2. insinuated
  3. insinuated
  4. insinuated
  5. insinuated
  6. insinuated
present perfect
  1. have insinuated
  2. have insinuated
  3. has insinuated
  4. have insinuated
  5. have insinuated
  6. have insinuated
past continuous
  1. was insinuating
  2. were insinuating
  3. was insinuating
  4. were insinuating
  5. were insinuating
  6. were insinuating
  1. shall insinuate
  2. will insinuate
  3. will insinuate
  4. shall insinuate
  5. will insinuate
  6. will insinuate
continuous present
  1. am insinuating
  2. are insinuating
  3. is insinuating
  4. are insinuating
  5. are insinuating
  6. are insinuating
  1. be insinuated
  2. be insinuated
  3. be insinuated
  4. be insinuated
  5. be insinuated
  6. be insinuated
  1. insinuate!
  2. let's insinuate!
  3. insinuated
  4. insinuating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for insinuate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accuser accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate accuse; charge; charge with; denounce; discredit someone; disparage someone; imputate; impute; incriminate; over-act; smear someone
charger accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate accuse; aggravate; blow up; burden; charge; charge with; charge with electricity; command; denounce; exaggerate; fill; freight; heap up; heighten; imputate; impute; incriminate; lade; load; load a gun; make heavier; order; overdo; recharge; ship; weight
imputer accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate accuse; ascribe; attribute; charge; charge with; denounce; hand to; imputate; impute; incriminate; say for
incriminer accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate accuse; charge; charge with; denounce; imputate; incriminate; over-act
inculper accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate accuse; charge; charge with; denounce; imputate; incriminate; over-act
soupçonner accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate bet with shares; conjecture; speculate
suspecter accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate
- adumbrate; intimate

Related Words for "insinuate":

Synonyms for "insinuate":

Related Definitions for "insinuate":

  1. give to understand1
    • I insinuated that I did not like his wife1
  2. introduce or insert (oneself) in a subtle manner1
    • He insinuated himself into the conversation of the people at the nearby table1

Wiktionary Translations for insinuate:

  1. make way for by subtle means
  2. ingratiate oneself
  3. hint at (something)
  1. introduire doucement et adroitement quelque chose.
  2. insinuer, dire quelque chose pour faire connaître ou seulement pour faire croire.

Cross Translation:
insinuate faire allusion anspielen — (verdeckt) auf etwas hinweisen; etwas (indirekt) andeuten
insinuate insinuer; souffler einblasen‚jemandem etwas einblasen‘: jemandem etwas einreden
insinuate insinuer insinuierenbildungssprachlich: unterstellen, andeuten