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Detailed Translations for interlink from English to French


interlink verb

  1. interlink (link; connect; bridge)
    lier; relier; rattacher à
    • lier verb (lie, lies, lions, liez, )
    • relier verb (relie, relies, relions, reliez, )

Translation Matrix for interlink:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lier bridge; connect; interlink; link affix; attach; attach to; bind; bind fast; bind together; bind up; binding; bookbinding; button; button up; captivate; chain; combine; confirm; connect; enchain; enchant; enter; enter into; enthral; enthrall; fascinate; fasten; fasten to a rope; fix; intrigue; join; knot; lash; link; moor; pinion; secure; shackle; tie; tie on; tie on to; tie together; tie up
rattacher à bridge; connect; interlink; link connect; relate
relier bridge; connect; interlink; link attach; bind; bind fast; bind together; bind up; captivate; chain; connect; couple; enchain; enchant; enthral; enthrall; fascinate; fasten; intrigue; join; link; make a match; pander; pinion; shackle; tie; tie together; tie up
- complect; interconnect

Related Words for "interlink":

  • interlinking

Synonyms for "interlink":

Related Definitions for "interlink":

  1. cause to be interconnected or interwoven1
  2. be interwoven or interconnected1

Wiktionary Translations for interlink:

  1. Relier entre eux différents éléments.