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Detailed Translations for inversion from English to French


inversion [the ~] noun

  1. the inversion
  2. the inversion (rotation; turn)
    la révolution; l'inversion; le retournement; la rotation; le tour; le renversement

Translation Matrix for inversion:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inversion inversion; rotation; turn about-turn; reversal; u turn
renversement inversion; rotation; turn about-turn; change; change-over; pull down; reversal; revolution; swerve; turn; u turn; upheaval
retournement inversion; rotation; turn about-turn; change; reversal; swerve; turn; u turn
rotation inversion; rotation; turn bending; career; curving; orbit; revolution; rotation; swinging rounds; turn; turnabouts; turnarounds; turning; twisting
révolution inversion; rotation; turn career; orbit; political revolution; revolution; rotation; turn; upheaval
tour inversion; rotation; turn ability; adroitness; agility; art; avenue; castle-tower; circle; dealing with; dexterity; distance; drive; excursion; expedition; feat; game; gimmick; go; hike; hiking tour; journey; knack; lathe; making one's round; march; orbit; outing; passage; path; prank; promenade; ramble; reach; revolution; ring; road; rotation; round; shenanigan; short walk; silly trick; skill; skyscraper; sleight of hand; small circle; stretch; stroll; tour; tour of inspection; tower; tower block; track; trail; tramp; trick; trip; turn; turret; voyage; walk; way
- anastrophe; eversion; everting; sexual inversion; upending

Synonyms for "inversion":

Related Definitions for "inversion":

  1. the act of turning inside out1
  2. turning upside down; setting on end1
  3. a term formerly used to mean taking on the gender role of the opposite sex1
  4. (counterpoint) a variation of a melody or part in which ascending intervals are replaced by descending intervals and vice versa1
  5. the reversal of the normal order of words1
  6. (genetics) a kind of mutation in which the order of the genes in a section of a chromosome is reversed1
  7. the layer of air near the earth is cooler than an overlying layer1
  8. a chemical process in which the direction of optical rotation of a substance is reversed from dextrorotatory to levorotary or vice versa1
  9. abnormal condition in which an organ is turned inward or inside out (as when the upper part of the uterus is pulled into the cervical canal after childbirth)1

Wiktionary Translations for inversion:

  1. deviation from standard word order by putting the predicate before the subject, in questions with auxiliary verbs and for the purpose of emphasis
  1. désuet|fr attirance sexuelle pour les personnes du même sexe, homosexualité.