Detailed Translations for jump down from English to French

jump down:

to jump down verb (jumps down, jumped down, jumping down)

  1. to jump down
  2. to jump down
  3. to jump down (leap off; leap down)
  4. to jump down (jump off)
  5. to jump down (bowl over)
    renverser; faire tomber
    • renverser verb (renverse, renverses, renversons, renversez, )

Conjugations for jump down:

  1. jump down
  2. jump down
  3. jumps down
  4. jump down
  5. jump down
  6. jump down
simple past
  1. jumped down
  2. jumped down
  3. jumped down
  4. jumped down
  5. jumped down
  6. jumped down
present perfect
  1. have jumped down
  2. have jumped down
  3. has jumped down
  4. have jumped down
  5. have jumped down
  6. have jumped down
past continuous
  1. was jumping down
  2. were jumping down
  3. was jumping down
  4. were jumping down
  5. were jumping down
  6. were jumping down
  1. shall jump down
  2. will jump down
  3. will jump down
  4. shall jump down
  5. will jump down
  6. will jump down
continuous present
  1. am jumping down
  2. are jumping down
  3. is jumping down
  4. are jumping down
  5. are jumping down
  6. are jumping down
  1. be jumped down
  2. be jumped down
  3. be jumped down
  4. be jumped down
  5. be jumped down
  6. be jumped down
  1. jump down!
  2. let's jump down!
  3. jumped down
  4. jumping down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for jump down:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bondir de jump down; jump off
descendre en courant jump down
faire tomber bowl over; jump down bring down; fall down; floor; knock down; knock over; overthrow; overturn; pull down; push over; strike down; topple; upset
renverser bowl over; jump down alter; be a failure; be overthrown; bend; blow down; bring down; change; drive over; fall; go back; hit over; knock down; knock over; modify; overthrow; overturn; pull down; push over; recast; reform; refound; reshape; return; rewrite; run over; somersault; take a nosedive; throw over; tip over; topple; topple over; tumble; turn around; upend; upset
sauter de jump down; jump off; leap down; leap off jump off; leap off
sauter en bas jump down jump off
se précipiter en bas jump down

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