Detailed Translations for keep clean from English to French

keep clean:

to keep clean verb (keeps clean, kept clean, keeping clean)

  1. to keep clean
    tenir propre; faire le ménage; entretenir; nettoyer
    • entretenir verb (entretiens, entretient, entretenons, entretenez, )
    • nettoyer verb (nettoie, nettoies, nettoyons, nettoyez, )
  2. to keep clean

Conjugations for keep clean:

  1. keep clean
  2. keep clean
  3. keeps clean
  4. keep clean
  5. keep clean
  6. keep clean
simple past
  1. kept clean
  2. kept clean
  3. kept clean
  4. kept clean
  5. kept clean
  6. kept clean
present perfect
  1. have kept clean
  2. have kept clean
  3. has kept clean
  4. have kept clean
  5. have kept clean
  6. have kept clean
past continuous
  1. was keeping clean
  2. were keeping clean
  3. was keeping clean
  4. were keeping clean
  5. were keeping clean
  6. were keeping clean
  1. shall keep clean
  2. will keep clean
  3. will keep clean
  4. shall keep clean
  5. will keep clean
  6. will keep clean
continuous present
  1. am keeping clean
  2. are keeping clean
  3. is keeping clean
  4. are keeping clean
  5. are keeping clean
  6. are keeping clean
  1. be kept clean
  2. be kept clean
  3. be kept clean
  4. be kept clean
  5. be kept clean
  6. be kept clean
  1. keep clean!
  2. let's keep clean!
  3. kept clean
  4. keeping clean
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for keep clean:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entretenir keep clean aid someone financially; back someone; hold on; keep on; keep up; maintain; persevere; persist; provide for; support
faire le ménage keep clean
garder propre keep clean
nettoyer keep clean chasten; clean; clean up; clear; clear away; clear the table; clear up; dust; empty the table; ennoble; get undone; give a good cleaning; groom; mop up; pull out; purify; put away; refine; remove; scour; scrub; scrub off; scrub-clean; tidy up; unpick; untie; wash
tenir propre keep clean

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