Detailed Translations for knight from English to French


knight [the ~] noun

  1. the knight
    le chevalier; le cavalier; le cheval

to knight verb (knights, knighted, knighting)

  1. to knight (decorate)
    distinguer; armer chevalier; décorer; descerner; recevoir chevalier; adouber; honorer de
    • distinguer verb (distingue, distingues, distinguons, distinguez, )
    • décorer verb (décore, décores, décorons, décorez, )
    • descerner verb
    • adouber verb (adoube, adoubes, adoubons, adoubez, )
    • honorer de verb

Conjugations for knight:

  1. knight
  2. knight
  3. knights
  4. knight
  5. knight
  6. knight
simple past
  1. knighted
  2. knighted
  3. knighted
  4. knighted
  5. knighted
  6. knighted
present perfect
  1. have knighted
  2. have knighted
  3. has knighted
  4. have knighted
  5. have knighted
  6. have knighted
past continuous
  1. was knighting
  2. were knighting
  3. was knighting
  4. were knighting
  5. were knighting
  6. were knighting
  1. shall knight
  2. will knight
  3. will knight
  4. shall knight
  5. will knight
  6. will knight
continuous present
  1. am knighting
  2. are knighting
  3. is knighting
  4. are knighting
  5. are knighting
  6. are knighting
  1. be knighted
  2. be knighted
  3. be knighted
  4. be knighted
  5. be knighted
  6. be knighted
  1. knight!
  2. let's knight!
  3. knighted
  4. knighting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for knight:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cavalier knight cavalry; cavalry man; cavalry-man; flag; horseman; horsewoman; rider
cheval knight cavalry; horse
chevalier knight cavalry
- horse
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adouber decorate; knight
armer chevalier decorate; knight
descerner decorate; knight distinguish; keep apart
distinguer decorate; knight attend; become aware of; behold; decorate; distinguish; feel; find; hold apart; keep apart; notice; observe; perceive; see; see in; sense; witness
décorer decorate; knight beautify; clothe; cover; deck out; decorate; doll up; dress o.s. up; dress up; embellish; fit out; furnish; garnish; make up; put on make-up; trim; upholster
honorer de decorate; knight
recevoir chevalier decorate; knight
- dub
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- chevalier; gentleman

Related Words for "knight":

  • knighting, knights, knightly

Synonyms for "knight":

Related Definitions for "knight":

  1. a chessman shaped to resemble the head of a horse; can move two squares horizontally and one vertically (or vice versa)1
  2. originally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry; today in Great Britain a person honored by the sovereign for personal merit1
  3. raise (someone) to knighthood1
    • The Beatles were knighted1

Wiktionary Translations for knight:

  1. to confer a knighthood upon
  1. chess piece
  2. warrior, especially of the Middle Ages
  3. person on whom a knighthood has been conferred
  1. Pièce du jeu d’échecs
  2. Celui qui avait reçu l’ordre de la chevalerie.
  3. littéraire|fr désuet|fr (term, substantif de l’adjectif) valeureux chevalier.

Cross Translation:
knight chevalier ridder — oorspronkelijk een bereden en bepantserde ruiter die de ridderslag ontvangen had
knight gentilhomme; noble Edelmannadliger Mann
knight cavalier Pferd — (umgangssprachlich): eine Schachfigur; der Springer
knight cavalier Ritterhistorisch, Mittelalter: ein bewaffneter, militärisch ausgebildeter und ausgerüsteter Adliger, der einem Lehnsherrn zu Kriegsdiensten und Treue verpflichtet ist
knight cavalier Ritterhistorisch, Mittelalter: ein bewaffneter, militärisch ausgebildeter und ausgerüsteter Angehöriger eines geistlichen Ritterordens
knight cavalier Ritter — jemand, der einen bestimmten Orden verliehen bekommen hat
knight cavalier Ritterveraltend: Kavalier
knight cavalier Springer — Spielfigur im Schach

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