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  1. lash out:


Detailed Translations for lash out from English to French

lash out:

to lash out verb (lashes out, lashed out, lashing out)

  1. to lash out (let rip)

Conjugations for lash out:

  1. lash out
  2. lash out
  3. lashes out
  4. lash out
  5. lash out
  6. lash out
simple past
  1. lashed out
  2. lashed out
  3. lashed out
  4. lashed out
  5. lashed out
  6. lashed out
present perfect
  1. have lashed out
  2. have lashed out
  3. has lashed out
  4. have lashed out
  5. have lashed out
  6. have lashed out
past continuous
  1. was lashing out
  2. were lashing out
  3. was lashing out
  4. were lashing out
  5. were lashing out
  6. were lashing out
  1. shall lash out
  2. will lash out
  3. will lash out
  4. shall lash out
  5. will lash out
  6. will lash out
continuous present
  1. am lashing out
  2. are lashing out
  3. is lashing out
  4. are lashing out
  5. are lashing out
  6. are lashing out
  1. be lashed out
  2. be lashed out
  3. be lashed out
  4. be lashed out
  5. be lashed out
  6. be lashed out
  1. lash out!
  2. let's lash out!
  3. lashed out
  4. lashing out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lash out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
se jeter sur lash out; let rip throw oneself on
voler sur lash out; let rip approach; fly at
- assail; assault; attack; round; snipe

Synonyms for "lash out":

Related Definitions for "lash out":

  1. attack in speech or writing1

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