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  1. lead up to:


Detailed Translations for lead up to from English to French

lead up to:

lead up to verb

  1. lead up to (head for)
    viser; diriger; aboutir à
    • viser verb (vise, vises, visons, visez, )
    • diriger verb (dirige, diriges, dirigeons, dirigez, )
    • aboutir à verb

Translation Matrix for lead up to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aboutir à head for; lead up to arrive at; come; culminate; elapse; end; end in; end up; end up at; expire; fall; go by; land; lead to; pass; result in; turn out; work out
diriger head for; lead up to administer; be in command of; charge; command; direct; drive; exercise authority; exert power; guide; lead; manage; operate; order; pilot through; point the direction; preside; reign; ride; rule; run; take the lead
viser head for; lead up to aim; aim at; aspire; aspire to; devote oneself to; gauge; make for; mean; seek; strive; strive after; strive for; work for; work towards

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