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  1. led astray:


Detailed Translations for led astray from English to French

led astray:

led astray verb

  1. led astray (become lost)
    disparaître; se perdre; s'égarer
    • disparaître verb (disparais, disparaît, disparaissons, disparaissez, )
    • se perdre verb
    • s'égarer verb

Translation Matrix for led astray:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disparaître become lost; led astray be on one's deathbed; become extinct; decease; die; die of fear; die out; disapearing; disappear; extinguish; languish; pass away; peg out; pinch out; pine away; snuff; vanish; waste away; wither
s'égarer become lost; led astray be derailed; be lost; be of the right track; doze; drowse; fall through; get lost; go astray; lose; wander
se perdre become lost; led astray be derailed; derail; fall through; get lost; get off the track; get on the wrong track; go astray; lose
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- misguided; misled

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