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  1. loom up:


Detailed Translations for loom up from English to French

loom up:

to loom up verb (looms up, loomed up, looming up)

  1. to loom up (appear)
    emerger; surgir; apparaître
    • emerger verb
    • surgir verb (surgis, surgit, surgissons, surgissez, )
    • apparaître verb (apparais, apparaît, apparaissons, apparaissez, )

Conjugations for loom up:

  1. loom up
  2. loom up
  3. looms up
  4. loom up
  5. loom up
  6. loom up
simple past
  1. loomed up
  2. loomed up
  3. loomed up
  4. loomed up
  5. loomed up
  6. loomed up
present perfect
  1. have loomed up
  2. have loomed up
  3. has loomed up
  4. have loomed up
  5. have loomed up
  6. have loomed up
past continuous
  1. was looming up
  2. were looming up
  3. was looming up
  4. were looming up
  5. were looming up
  6. were looming up
  1. shall loom up
  2. will loom up
  3. will loom up
  4. shall loom up
  5. will loom up
  6. will loom up
continuous present
  1. am looming up
  2. are looming up
  3. is looming up
  4. are looming up
  5. are looming up
  6. are looming up
  1. be loomed up
  2. be loomed up
  3. be loomed up
  4. be loomed up
  5. be loomed up
  6. be loomed up
  1. loom up!
  2. let's loom up!
  3. loomed up
  4. looming up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for loom up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apparaître appearing; making appear; seeming
surgir welling up
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apparaître appear; loom up appear; arise; attend; be present at; become known; come out; come to light; emerge; look; look like; observe; occur; seem; show up; witness
emerger appear; loom up
surgir appear; loom up arise; ascent; attend; be present at; observe; occur; rise; rise up; show up; sprout; stand up; witness

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