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Detailed Translations for lounge from English to French


to lounge verb (lounges, lounged, lounging)

  1. to lounge (saunter; parade)
    battre le pavé; se balader; traîner; flâner; parader; bambocher
    • se balader verb
    • traîner verb (traîne, traînes, traînons, traînez, )
    • flâner verb (flâne, flânes, flânons, flânez, )
    • parader verb (parade, parades, paradons, paradez, )
    • bambocher verb (bamboche, bamboches, bambochons, bambochez, )

Conjugations for lounge:

  1. lounge
  2. lounge
  3. lounges
  4. lounge
  5. lounge
  6. lounge
simple past
  1. lounged
  2. lounged
  3. lounged
  4. lounged
  5. lounged
  6. lounged
present perfect
  1. have lounged
  2. have lounged
  3. has lounged
  4. have lounged
  5. have lounged
  6. have lounged
past continuous
  1. was lounging
  2. were lounging
  3. was lounging
  4. were lounging
  5. were lounging
  6. were lounging
  1. shall lounge
  2. will lounge
  3. will lounge
  4. shall lounge
  5. will lounge
  6. will lounge
continuous present
  1. am lounging
  2. are lounging
  3. is lounging
  4. are lounging
  5. are lounging
  6. are lounging
  1. be lounged
  2. be lounged
  3. be lounged
  4. be lounged
  5. be lounged
  6. be lounged
  1. lounge!
  2. let's lounge!
  3. lounged
  4. lounging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

lounge [the ~] noun

  1. the lounge (couch)
    le canapé; le divan; le sofa

Translation Matrix for lounge:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
canapé couch; lounge bed; bench; bunk; bunk-bed; couch; seat; settee; settee-bed; sofa
divan couch; lounge bunk; bunk-bed; couch; settee; settee-bed; sofa
sofa couch; lounge bed; bunk; bunk-bed; couch; settee; settee-bed
- couch; sofa; waiting area; waiting room
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bambocher lounge; parade; saunter go to town; live it up; splurge
battre le pavé lounge; parade; saunter
flâner lounge; parade; saunter be lost; do nothing much; hang about; idle; knock about; loaf; lounge about; lounge around; pace; plod; saunter; saunter about; sit around; stand around; stroll; trudge; walk about; walk round
parader lounge; parade; saunter parade; show off
se balader lounge; parade; saunter amble; pace; parade; promenade; saunter; stroll; walk
traîner lounge; parade; saunter be lost; bear; brood over; carry; carry along; dawdle; defer; delay; deter; do nothing much; doubt; drag; drag along; drag away; draw; fling about; hang about; haul; hesitate; idle; knock about; linger; loiter; lounge about; lounge around; lug; lug away; pull; saunter; saunter about; sit around; stand around; stroll; tarry; tow; trail; waffle; walk about; walk round; waver
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- visiting room

Related Words for "lounge":

  • lounging, lounges

Synonyms for "lounge":

Related Definitions for "lounge":

  1. a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait1
  2. an upholstered seat for more than one person1
  3. sit or recline comfortably1
    • He was lounging on the sofa1

Wiktionary Translations for lounge:

  1. living room
  2. waiting room
    • lounge → salle d'attente
  1. local d’une gare, où l’on attendre le train.

Cross Translation:
lounge sofa; canapé Sofa — gepolstertes Sitzmöbel für mindestens zwei Personen mit Arm- und Rückenlehnen
lounge fainéanter faulenzen — nichts tun, es sich gutgehen lassen, faul sein

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