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Detailed Translations for macabre from English to French


macabre adj

  1. macabre (sinister; spooky; shady)

Translation Matrix for macabre:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sinistre calamity; catastrophe; insurance claim
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- ghastly; grim; grisly; gruesome; sick
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lugubre macabre; shady; sinister; spooky creepy; dismal; dubious; eerie; grimy; lugubrious; melancholic; nasty; nostalgic; obscure; ominous; pensive; problematic; questionable; sad; scary; shady; shifty; sinister; slimy; suspect; suspicious; uncertain; unreliable; wistful
macabre macabre; shady; sinister; spooky creepy; eerie; lugubrious; scary; sinister
sinistre macabre; shady; sinister; spooky abominable; appalling; cheerless; creepy; detestable; dubious; eerie; ghastly; gloomy; grimy; horrible; horrid; ill-fated; joyless; lugubrious; moody; nasty; obnoxious; obscure; odious; ominous; pensive; problematic; questionable; sad; scary; shady; shifty; sinister; slimy; somber; sombre; suspect; suspicious; terrible; triste; uncertain; unholy; unreliable; wistful

Synonyms for "macabre":

Related Definitions for "macabre":

  1. shockingly repellent; inspiring horror1
    • macabre tales of war and plague in the Middle ages1
    • macabre tortures conceived by madmen1

Wiktionary Translations for macabre:

  1. ghastly, shocking, terrifying
  2. obsessed with death
  3. representing or personifying death
  1. Qualifie une « danse » consistant en une suite d’images qui représenter la mort entraînant avec elle, danser, des personnages de toutes les conditions. cf|danse macabre

Cross Translation:
macabre sinistre griezelig — angst en afkeer oproepend
macabre macabre makaber — eine groteske Form von Humor betreffend (oft im Zusammenhang mit Tod oder Krankheit verwendet)