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to multiply verb (multiplies, multiplied, multiplying)

  1. to multiply (duplicate)
    • multiplier verb (multiplie, multiplies, multiplions, multipliez, )
  2. to multiply (duplicate)
    multiplier; copier; faire un duplicate
    • multiplier verb (multiplie, multiplies, multiplions, multipliez, )
    • copier verb (copie, copies, copions, copiez, )
  3. to multiply (reproduce)
    • reproduire verb (reproduis, reproduit, reproduisons, reproduisez, )
  4. to multiply (stencil; duplicate)
    polycopier; photocopier
    • polycopier verb (polycopie, polycopies, polycopions, polycopiez, )
    • photocopier verb (photocopie, photocopies, photocopions, photocopiez, )
  5. to multiply (augment; expand; increase; accumulate; stow)
    augmenter; accroître; multiplier; accumuler
    • augmenter verb (augmente, augmentes, augmentons, augmentez, )
    • accroître verb
    • multiplier verb (multiplie, multiplies, multiplions, multipliez, )
    • accumuler verb (accumule, accumules, accumulons, accumulez, )

Conjugations for multiply:

  1. multiply
  2. multiply
  3. multiplies
  4. multiply
  5. multiply
  6. multiply
simple past
  1. multiplied
  2. multiplied
  3. multiplied
  4. multiplied
  5. multiplied
  6. multiplied
present perfect
  1. have multiplied
  2. have multiplied
  3. has multiplied
  4. have multiplied
  5. have multiplied
  6. have multiplied
past continuous
  1. was multiplying
  2. were multiplying
  3. was multiplying
  4. were multiplying
  5. were multiplying
  6. were multiplying
  1. shall multiply
  2. will multiply
  3. will multiply
  4. shall multiply
  5. will multiply
  6. will multiply
continuous present
  1. am multiplying
  2. are multiplying
  3. is multiplying
  4. are multiplying
  5. are multiplying
  6. are multiplying
  1. be multiplied
  2. be multiplied
  3. be multiplied
  4. be multiplied
  5. be multiplied
  6. be multiplied
  1. multiply!
  2. let's multiply!
  3. multiplied
  4. multiplying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for multiply:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accroître accumulate; augment; expand; increase; multiply; stow add to; arise; ascent; emphasise; emphasize; expand; extend; grow; increase; rise; tear; underline; urge on
accumuler accumulate; augment; expand; increase; multiply; stow accumulate; bank; heap up; mount up; pile up; place upon; put money in the bank; save; spare; stack
augmenter accumulate; augment; expand; increase; multiply; stow add to; arise; ascent; come up; elevate; enhance; enlarge; expand; extend; force up; grow; heighten; increase; increase in number; puff up; push on; raise; rise; soup up; tune; turn up
copier duplicate; multiply copy; counterfeit; crib; falsify; forge; imitate; make a copy; make a copy of; photocopy; reproduce; take off; trace; xerox
faire un duplicate duplicate; multiply
multiplier accumulate; augment; duplicate; expand; increase; multiply; stow
photocopier duplicate; multiply; stencil copy; make a copy of; photocopy; reproduce; xerox
polycopier duplicate; multiply; stencil duplicate; photocopy
reproduire multiply; reproduce copy; describe; double; duplicate; imitate; interpret; photocopy; render; reproduce; take off; transcribe; translate; xerox
- breed; manifold; procreate; reproduce
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- breed; propagate
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
multiplier speckled

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Related Definitions for "multiply":

  1. in several ways; in a multiple manner1
    • they were multiply checked for errors1
  2. have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant1
  3. have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms)1
  4. combine or increase by multiplication1
    • He managed to multiply his profits1
  5. combine by multiplication1
    • multiply 10 by 151

Wiktionary Translations for multiply:

  1. intransitive: perform multiplication
  2. intransitive: breed or propagate
  3. intransitive: grow in number
  4. transitive: perform multiplication on (a number)
  5. increase the amount, degree or number of
  1. Augmenter le nombre
  2. Répéter un nombre
  3. Se multiplier

Cross Translation:
multiply multiplier multiplizierenMathematik: Multiplikation vollziehen; eine Zahl malnehmen

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