Detailed Translations for old age from English to French

old age:

old age [the ~] noun

  1. the old age (age)
    l'âge; la vieillesse; l'ancienneté; l'âge avancé; le grand âge
  2. the old age

Translation Matrix for old age:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ancienneté age; old age age; life span; lifetime; number of years of service; seniority
fait d'avoir plus de 65 ans old age
grand âge age; old age greyness
vieillesse age; old age age; greyness; life span; lifetime
âge age; old age age; life span; lifetime
âge avancé age; old age greyness; lifetime
- age; eld; geezerhood; years

Synonyms for "old age":

  • years; age; eld; geezerhood; time of life

Related Definitions for "old age":

  1. a late time of life1
    • old age is not for sissies1

Wiktionary Translations for old age:

old age
  1. latter part of life
old age

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