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  1. plasticise:


Detailed Translations for plasticise from English to French


to plasticise verb, British

  1. to plasticise (soften; anneal; plasticize)
    adoucir; atténuer; attendrir; amollir; rendre mou
    • adoucir verb (adoucis, adoucit, adoucissons, adoucissez, )
    • atténuer verb (atténue, atténues, atténuons, atténuez, )
    • attendrir verb (attendris, attendrit, attendrissons, attendrissez, )
    • amollir verb (amollis, amollit, amollissons, amollissez, )
    • rendre mou verb

Translation Matrix for plasticise:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adoucir anneal; plasticise; plasticize; soften ease; mellow; relax; relieve; soften; soothe; weaken
amollir anneal; plasticise; plasticize; soften soften
attendrir anneal; plasticise; plasticize; soften cause emotions; move; soften; touch
atténuer anneal; plasticise; plasticize; soften abate; adulterate; be going down hill; be lost; become weak; cease; come down; dilute; ease; enervate; enfeeble; fall away; lessen; lose strength; mellow; relax; relieve; soften; soothe; weaken
rendre mou anneal; plasticise; plasticize; soften leave to soak; soak; soften; weaken
- plasticize

Synonyms for "plasticise":

Related Definitions for "plasticise":

  1. make plastic, as by the addition of a plasticizer1
  2. become plastic, as by having a plasticizer added1