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  1. quench one's thirst:


Detailed Translations for quench one's thirst from English to French

quench one's thirst:

quench one's thirst verb

  1. quench one's thirst
    boire; se ranimer; se rafraîchir
    • boire verb (bois, boit, buvons, buvez, )
    • se ranimer verb

Translation Matrix for quench one's thirst:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boire quench one's thirst booze; drink; drink excessively; drink heavily; drink up; empty; finish; have a drink; have too much to drink; pour out
se rafraîchir quench one's thirst boost; chill; cool; cool down; cool off; enliven; freshen; freshen oneself up; freshen up; jack up v; patch up; pep up; refresh; refurbish; revive; tidy oneself up; tidy up
se ranimer quench one's thirst

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