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Detailed Translations for rapidity from English to French


rapidity [the ~] noun

  1. the rapidity (quickness; tempo)
    la rapidité; la vélocité; l'allure; la promptitude; la précipitation; la vitesse
  2. the rapidity
    la rapidité

Translation Matrix for rapidity:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
allure quickness; rapidity; tempo allure; appearance; bearing; briskness; deportment; driving speed; exterior; full speed; gait; gallop; gallopade; grand manner; look; looks; pace; scamper; speed; step; tread; trot
promptitude quickness; rapidity; tempo adeptness; helpfulness; intelligence; preparedness; quick-wittedness; readiness; sharpness; timeliness; topicality; willingness
précipitation quickness; rapidity; tempo accelerating; agitation; arousal; at a breakneck speed; haste; hastening; hastiness; hurry; hurrying; infernal speed; overhaste; precipitation; prematureness; quickness; rashness; rush; speed; speeding up; stress; urgency; velocity
rapidité quickness; rapidity; tempo briskness; hastiness; hurry; speed; velocity
vitesse quickness; rapidity; tempo acceleration; airspeed; briskness; driving speed; flying-speed; full speed; gear; speed; velocity
vélocité quickness; rapidity; tempo briskness
- celerity; quickness; rapidness; speediness

Synonyms for "rapidity":

Related Definitions for "rapidity":

  1. a rate that is rapid1

Wiktionary Translations for rapidity:

  1. speed, swiftness
  1. Extrême promptitude, vivacité, rapidité avec laquelle on fait quelque chose.
  2. célérité, grande vitesse.