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Detailed Translations for recast from English to French


to recast verb (recasts, recasted, recasting)

  1. to recast (refound)
    • renverser verb (renverse, renverses, renversons, renversez, )

Conjugations for recast:

  1. recast
  2. recast
  3. recasts
  4. recast
  5. recast
  6. recast
simple past
  1. recasted
  2. recasted
  3. recasted
  4. recasted
  5. recasted
  6. recasted
present perfect
  1. have recasted
  2. have recasted
  3. has recasted
  4. have recasted
  5. have recasted
  6. have recasted
past continuous
  1. was recasting
  2. were recasting
  3. was recasting
  4. were recasting
  5. were recasting
  6. were recasting
  1. shall recast
  2. will recast
  3. will recast
  4. shall recast
  5. will recast
  6. will recast
continuous present
  1. am recasting
  2. are recasting
  3. is recasting
  4. are recasting
  5. are recasting
  6. are recasting
  1. be recasted
  2. be recasted
  3. be recasted
  4. be recasted
  5. be recasted
  6. be recasted
  1. recast!
  2. let's recast!
  3. recasted
  4. recasting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for recast:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
renverser recast; refound alter; be a failure; be overthrown; bend; blow down; bowl over; bring down; change; drive over; fall; go back; hit over; jump down; knock down; knock over; modify; overthrow; overturn; pull down; push over; reform; reshape; return; rewrite; run over; somersault; take a nosedive; throw over; tip over; topple; topple over; tumble; turn around; upend; upset
- reforge; remodel; remold; remould

Related Words for "recast":

Synonyms for "recast":

Related Definitions for "recast":

  1. cast or model anew1
    • She had to recast her image to please the electorate in her home state1
  2. cast again1
    • The bell cracked and had to be recast1
  3. cast again, in a different role1
    • He was recast as Iago1

Wiktionary Translations for recast:

  1. action de remettre à la fonte, en parlant spécialement des monnaies dont on fait de nouveau espèces.