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Detailed Translations for resect from English to French


to resect verb (resects, resected, resecting)

  1. to resect (carve out; excise; cut out; cut away)
    découper; tailler; sculpter; exciser
    • découper verb (découpe, découpes, découpons, découpez, )
    • tailler verb (taille, tailles, taillons, taillez, )
    • sculpter verb (sculpte, sculptes, sculptons, sculptez, )
    • exciser verb (excise, excises, excisons, excisez, )

Conjugations for resect:

  1. resect
  2. resect
  3. resects
  4. resect
  5. resect
  6. resect
simple past
  1. resected
  2. resected
  3. resected
  4. resected
  5. resected
  6. resected
present perfect
  1. have resected
  2. have resected
  3. has resected
  4. have resected
  5. have resected
  6. have resected
past continuous
  1. was resecting
  2. were resecting
  3. was resecting
  4. were resecting
  5. were resecting
  6. were resecting
  1. shall resect
  2. will resect
  3. will resect
  4. shall resect
  5. will resect
  6. will resect
continuous present
  1. am resecting
  2. are resecting
  3. is resecting
  4. are resecting
  5. are resecting
  6. are resecting
  1. be resected
  2. be resected
  3. be resected
  4. be resected
  5. be resected
  6. be resected
  1. resect!
  2. let's resect!
  3. resected
  4. resecting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for resect:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tailler gash
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
découper carve out; cut away; cut out; excise; resect carve; clip; clip out; cut; cut back; cut close; cut off; cut out; cut up; lop off; pare; prune; prune away; saw free; saw out; skim; trim; trim away
exciser carve out; cut away; cut out; excise; resect
sculpter carve out; cut away; cut out; excise; resect carve; sculpt
tailler carve out; cut away; cut out; excise; resect clip; confine; cut; cut back; cut close; cut off; cut to size; grind; jag; limit; nick; notch; pare; prune; reap; reduce; score; sharpen; skim; sting; strop; style someone's hair; tailor to; trim; whet
- eviscerate

Synonyms for "resect":

Related Definitions for "resect":

  1. surgically remove a part of a structure or an organ1

Wiktionary Translations for resect:

Cross Translation:
resect enlever herausschneidenMedizin: (krankes) Gewebe operativ entfernen