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Detailed Translations for rigorous from English to French


Translation Matrix for rigorous:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- strict; stringent; tight
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
draconien rigorous; stringent drastic; radical; root-and-branch
rigoureusement rigorous; stringent cutting; inflexible; nipping; severe; snappy; stern; strict
rigoureux rigorous; stringent accurate; accurately; binding; conscientious; cutting; exact; exactly; inflexible; meticulous; nipping; precise; punctual; severe; snappy; stern; strict; stringent
sévère rigorous; stringent cutting; inflexible; nipping; punish; severe; snappy; stern; stiff; strict

Related Words for "rigorous":

  • rigorousness, rigorously

Synonyms for "rigorous":

Related Definitions for "rigorous":

  1. demanding strict attention to rules and procedures1
    • rigorous discipline1
  2. rigidly accurate; allowing no deviation from a standard1
    • rigorous application of the law1

Wiktionary Translations for rigorous:

  1. Manifesting, exercising, or favoring rigor; allowing no abatement or mitigation; scrupulously accurate
  2. Severe; intense; inclement; as, a rigorous winter
  3. Violent
  1. Qui fait preuve de rigueur, qui est d’une sévérité inflexible.
  2. Qui est sévère, dur, difficile à supporter, en parlant des choses.
  3. Qui est rude, âpre, dur à supporter, en parlant de la température.
  4. Qui est rigide, austère, qui demande ou qui dénote une exactitude inflexible.

Cross Translation:
rigorous sévère; strict; austère; rigoureux; rigoureuse gestrengveraltend: die Einhaltung der festgelegten Ordnung oder bestimmter Regeln gebietend
rigorous rigoureux; rigoureuse rigorosgehoben: streng vorgehend, ohne Rücksicht zu nehmen