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Detailed Translations for ring back from English to French

ring back:

to ring back verb (rings back, rang back, ringing back)

  1. to ring back (call back; phone back)
    • rappeler verb (rappelle, rappelles, rappelons, rappelez, )

Conjugations for ring back:

  1. ring back
  2. ring back
  3. rings back
  4. ring back
  5. ring back
  6. ring back
simple past
  1. rang back
  2. rang back
  3. rang back
  4. rang back
  5. rang back
  6. rang back
present perfect
  1. have rung back
  2. have rung back
  3. has rung back
  4. have rung back
  5. have rung back
  6. have rung back
past continuous
  1. was ringing back
  2. were ringing back
  3. was ringing back
  4. were ringing back
  5. were ringing back
  6. were ringing back
  1. shall ring back
  2. will ring back
  3. will ring back
  4. shall ring back
  5. will ring back
  6. will ring back
continuous present
  1. am ringing back
  2. are ringing back
  3. is ringing back
  4. are ringing back
  5. are ringing back
  6. are ringing back
  1. be rung back
  2. be rung back
  3. be rung back
  4. be rung back
  5. be rung back
  6. be rung back
  1. ring back!
  2. let's ring back!
  3. rung back
  4. ringing back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ring back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
rappeler call back; phone back; ring back cast one's mind back to; don't forget; dun; make one think of; recall; recall to memory; recant; redial; remember; remind; remind one of; repeal; reverse; revoke; think back to

Wiktionary Translations for ring back:

ring back
  1. Return a call
  2. Make another call to the same person

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