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Detailed Translations for secretion from English to French


secretion [the ~] noun

  1. the secretion (separation; insulation; isolation)
    la séparation; l'isolement; la retraite; la réclusion

Translation Matrix for secretion:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
isolement insulation; isolation; secretion; separation desolation; filtering; insulation; isolation; loneliness; straining
retraite insulation; isolation; secretion; separation Old-age pension; asylum; chastity; corner; free port; haven of refuge; hiding place; hiding-place; immaculacy; innocence; journey home; lurking-place; nook; old-age pension; port of distress; port of refuge; purity; refuge; reservedness; retiring nature; retraction; retreat; return journey; ride back; safety zone; shelter; taking back; trip back; trip home; underground shelter; withdrawal
réclusion insulation; isolation; secretion; separation captivity; confinement; detention; filtering; imprisonment; prison sentence; prison term; restraint; restriction of freedom; straining
séparation insulation; isolation; secretion; separation dispersing; dividing wall; division; divorce; fence; fencing; filtering; partition; segregation; separating; separation; septum; splits; straining
- secernment

Synonyms for "secretion":

Related Definitions for "secretion":

  1. a functionally specialized substance (especially one that is not a waste) released from a gland or cell1
  2. the organic process of synthesizing and releasing some substance1

Wiktionary Translations for secretion:

  1. secreted substance
  2. act of secreting
  1. physiologie|fr fonction par laquelle certains tissus, certains organes produisent des substances liquides.

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