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Detailed Translations for septum from English to French


septum [the ~] noun

  1. the septum (division; partition)
    le partage; la répartition; la division; la distribution
  2. the septum
    la sécrétion; la séparation
  3. the septum (partition)
    le mur mitoyen; la séparation

Translation Matrix for septum:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
distribution division; partition; septum circulation; delivery; distribution; distribution office; expansion; granting; issue; order; spreading; supplies; supply; yielding
division division; partition; septum branch; brigade; conflict; department; detachment; differentiate; discord; disharmony; dissension; distinguishing; disunity; divide into; division; section; ward
mur mitoyen partition; septum dividing wall; partition; partition-wall
partage division; partition; septum share; storytelling
répartition division; partition; septum rationing
sécrétion septum fence; fencing; partition
séparation partition; septum dispersing; dividing wall; division; divorce; fence; fencing; filtering; insulation; isolation; partition; secretion; segregation; separating; separation; splits; straining

Related Words for "septum":

Synonyms for "septum":

  • body part
  • plant organ

Related Definitions for "septum":

  1. (anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities1
  2. a partition or wall especially in an ovary1

Wiktionary Translations for septum:

  1. Partie destinée à séparer deux cavités ou à diviser une cavité principale (4)
  2. biologie|fr cloison membraneuse qui délimite deux cavités.